Diverse Employee Timekeeping needs for Local, State, and Federal Agencies?

Clockwise works for all kinds of different industries – and we love a challenge. From large government agencies like DeCA to small non-profits, we offer smart solutions for leave management, county management, city and town workforce management, payroll integration, and more.

  1. Tackle diverse employee timesheet management needs  with web-based capabilities, including workforce management tools, employee scheduling, leave management, leave request, and limitless pay rule definitions.
  2. Tackle project and absence management.
  3. Track and report absent employees with real-time project reporting.
  4. Tackle integration concerns.  Seamlessly integrate software with existing applications.

Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies prefer GHG

  • New York City Council
  • Ft. Bend County -Texas
  • City of Maplewood –MN
  • Texas Water Authority
  • Air Force Services
  • Office of Human Affairs
  • Georgetown County –South Carolina
  • Town of West Hartford

We had an urgent need to host our Employee Direct Deposit (DD) Statement Information. The current business process of printing and distributing DD statements was very inefficient. We were unnecessarily printing and distributing Direct Deposit statements for thousands of employees each month incurring enormous hard and soft costs. We were encouraged to use GHG because of the software’s quick implementation, tight security, simplicity, flexibility, and cost. We have been with GHG 2005.  In addition to employee satisfaction, the savings for us are enormous in terms of time and hard costs. GHG is professional, flexible, committed, solution-oriented, and maintains a “can do” attitude.

 GHG is committed to success. Their staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. Unlike other vendors which would have told us that a security licensing issue wasn’t their burden, GHG worked with us till the issue was resolved with little or no compensation for their work. We wish all our software solution providers were like GHG.Nick Ramchandani, Financial Systems Manager, Town of West Hartford


We sought GHG to find a better way to meet the needs of our staff. We needed to reduce the costs associated with mailing, printing and reprinting upon request direct deposit stubs for a growing employee base. Our software provider GMS utilizes the services of GHG, so we knew the systems would be compatible. The use of the electronic pay Stub Solution software improved operations by streamlining a labor intensive process and providing employees an opportunity to view and print at will months of paystub data in a secure environment. GHG’s software improved our economy and efficiency; the products are user friendly and the service is excellent.Audrea Lambert, CFO,  Office of Human Affairs www.ohainc.org


Fort Bend County was prompt into looking for an automated time keeping system to help reduce paperwork and supervisor’s time manually entering employees’ time.  An RFP was sent and four vendors were chosen for a demonstration. What Fort Bend County liked about GHG was the personal service and reasonable price offered. Ultimately, the time keeping system helped Fort Bend County managers organize their employees.  Instead of looking to see what time employees were coming to work, now, the managers/supervisors can easily pull their time sheet up to review.  We also use this tool for employee evaluations. The two most significant improvements since moving to GHG is the accuracy of our payroll and limited corrections submitted after payroll is completed. It’s nice that every time we need GHG for support, we get the same person to assist; the Customer Service Representative knows our issues and our business rules.  The system has been reliable; Fort Bend County has over 20 pay codes with numerous business rules; the system has always been able to accommodate our needs.Kelly Johns, Payroll Supervisor