Clockwise & DCAA Compliance Features

  • Each employee is uniquely identified by a username and password.
  • Changes to the employee timesheet are captured by the timesheet tracking software’s audit log that is viewable by the employee, supervisor and each system admin.
  • Employees can only allocate time to projects/cost codes they have been assigned.
  • The attendance system allows for a correction timesheet to be created, after the original timesheet has been submitted through the timesheet software.
  • Employees are notified via email if anyone other than the employee updates a web timesheet.
  • A web timesheet allows for multiple levels of signatures before processing for payment/invoicing.
  • A web timesheet restricts unauthorized project charging.
  • Prevention of billable time in advance
  • Reason required for late entries or use of overtime

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Clockwise & DCAA Compliance….DCAA does not endorse specific software or make recommendations on any particular software vendor. They do, however, require some very strict criteria on what type of system meets their audits. GHG Corporation’s Clockwise software meets the stringent DCAA compliance standards and is currently used by many NASA and Defense Contractors all over the world.

Any organization that contracts with the US Government must follow specific employee timesheet software guidelines set forth by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). These timekeeping software guidelines have been implemented by the United States Government to ensure contractor time and costs are accounted for accurately and without misuse.